Month: February 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Last year I lived in Sweden on an exchange programme. Here is a picture of Kalmar, a tiny town on the South East coast in late January. We had snow up until April and as you can see, it was often quiet; coming from London it did feel abandoned.



Just on cranberry juice today? Well let’s talk about something a little intellectual. For film lovers, this time of year is wonderful, with all the award ceremonies and I actually recently saw one of the Oscars’ best picture nominees the other day- Her. It came out on Valentines Day, which of course sounds cliché and cheesy, but this is not your typical love story.

Set in the near future, it is about a lonely, divorcing man who falls in love with his OS; an operating system that basically controls your computer and internet accounts but with a personality. Visually stunning and powerfully emotive, the film stayed in my thoughts long after I saw it, since it feels genuinely believable. The screenplay is gorgeous, Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore beautifully, and the rest of the cast are equally impressive. There’s a melancholic feeling that runs through the film, which may wind up some viewers, but completely satisfied me. There is also the sense of a mirror being held up to us as the audience, watching a city of people totally immersed in the digital world, barely connecting in the real one. I’m not too sure about the high waisted trouser fashion they’re predicting, but the ending was good and the cinema ticket was a worthwhile investment.

Her was a pleasure to watch, but we all know it won’t win that Oscar. My guess is 12 years a Slave, but it could easily be Gravity. Fingers crossed it’s not American Hustle, of which only the blind patriotism of voters could justify a win. But whoever wins what, it has been a wonderful year for film, as always.

Till we drink again, Sarah

Oh, and if you’re a cinephile like me, I cannot recommend enough ‘Film 2014’. It is a half hour review show on new cinema releases on BBC1 at about 23.00 on Wednesdays. I never miss it, and it’s a great way to know which films to see or give a miss.


Subliminal Messaging

Welcome one and all to my blog, Drinks with Sarah. If you are a twenty-something human, like me, there is nothing more pleasurable than a drink with friends after a rough day. Or a moderately tough day, depending on whether you are a student or working full time. Within 6 months I expect to have been both, but for now, I’m enjoying my final days of leisure. Let me be your new colleague that you’ve seen around for a few weeks but have only just met. I can be surprisingly fun. Let us converse over cocktails, in a New Age way.


Till we drink again, Sarah.

Oh and the subliminal messaging part? It’s the colour scheme. Red red wine baby.